Affordable Cruelty-free Skincare

I truly believe there is absolutely no reason to test beauty products on animals! There is no reason to make animals suffer just so we can have make up and skin care. There are a ton of amazing cruelty-free brands out there who don’t believe in testing on animals! While some products can be super expensive, I’ve compiled a list here of my favourite affordable products that caused zero harm to any animals and range between $6 – $60!

First up, products by Mario Badescu! You can get these products from Sephora, and they are SO affordable! My absolute favourites are the Rose and Aloe Facial Spray, Hyaluronic Eye Cream, and Vitamin C Serum.

I’ve talked about the Eye Cream before, but it’s just so great! It’s rich and creamy and does wonders for hydration. I’ve really seen it reduce the appearance of fine lines under my eyes. I just take the tiniest amount and pat it under each eye until it’s absorbed. It leaves my eyes looking dewy and refreshed! I prefer it as a night cream because it’s a little on the heavier side, but you can use it during the day too. It’s only $24!

I use the Vitamin C Serum every morning. I’ve been using it consistently for about a month and I’ve seen a huge improvement in my skin! It feels smoother and looks a lot more bright and even. A lot of Vitamin C Serums will cost you upwards of $90, this one is only $60 and will last you a long time!

Lastly, the Rose and Aloe Facial Spray! This 118mL bottle was only $11! It’s so refreshing to use any time of day, and can even be used as makeup primer or setting spray. It feels and smells amazing!

Next we have products by The Ordinary! This brand is extremely affordable and I really can’t say enough good things about it! My first favourite is the Caffeine Solution! I use this under my eyes, before the eye cream. It really helps to reduce dark circles! It’s only $6.70!!

Next we have the Hyaluronic Acid! This stuff is amazing for hydration and makes your skin look really plump and glow-y. I mix it with the Vitamin C Serum every morning for the perfect mix of serums! It’s only $6.80!

Lastly, I love the Pacifica Coconut Water Face Wash. It takes off all your makeup without leaving your skin dry. A lot of gel face washes can make your skin feel like it’s been stripped of all it’s moisture, but this one leaves my skin soft and smooth! It’s $16.50 on!

Those are all my favourite affordable cruelty-free skin care products! I would love to hear your thoughts on these products or share your favourites too!

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