What to eat when you’re craving meat

If you are or have been a meat-eater in the past, it’s inevitable that you’ll have some meat cravings! One of the most daunting things about going vegan can be giving up your favourite meat foods, so I’ve created this list of my favourite meat alternatives that get me through those cravings. While not all meat substitutes are amazing, here are my top 3 favourites that will give you the taste and texture you’re craving, without harming any animals.

First up, nuggets! When I first decided to give up meat, I almost gave up because of how much I was craving chicken nuggets. I actually went to the grocery store to get some and happened to find these Yves Veggie Nuggets instead and decided to give them a try. They are absolutely delicious, and have a similar texture to chicken. You can also toss them in different sauces with my personal favourite being buffalo sauce! It’s basically like eating boneless buffalo wings!

Next up, Gardein Beefless Ground. This is the best substitute for ground beef. I’ve used it for tacos, shepherd’s pie, chilli, and so many other recipes! It has a very mild taste so you can season it however you like. I’ve used this in recipes for my dad and brother who are huge meat eaters, and they couldn’t even taste the difference!

Next we have bacon! I’ve never actually eaten pork before, but I did used to enjoy turkey bacon. I will say that you probably won’t ever find something exactly like bacon, but these Lightlife Plant Based Bacon Strips are a pretty decent substitute when you’re craving it. Just be sure not to overcook them!

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