How to eat Plant Based on Vacation

I recently took a vacation to Mexico, and yes that is a diamond on my finger because my boyfriend proposed on our trip!! If you want to hear more about the proposal story let me know…but for now we’ll focus on how to manage your plant based diet on vacation.

When I’m away from home the temptation to indulge in things like cheese and ice cream is real – but there are plenty of ways to still enjoy yourself and stick to your normal diet.

We stayed at Beach Palace Resort in Cancun, Mexico! While it was a bit tricky at times, here are my top tips for a plant based vacation:

  1. Pack snacks. This one is obvious and i’m sure you hear it all the time! Packing your own snacks is the best way to ensure that you won’t ever be hungry. I brought granola bars, nuts, and other smaller snacks to keep in my backpack so I had things to eat at the airport or in between meals.
  2. Talk to the service staff. We stayed at an all inclusive resort which meant we were seeing the same staff pretty much every day for the week. On our first day there I told the waiter that I was looking for vegan options, and he was able to ask the chef in the kitchen to make me something for our bigger meals! He remembered me for the rest of the week, and was always able to bring me something vegan and tasty.
  3. Get creative. During the times in between bigger meals, or at a buffet it’s important to get creative. During the lunch buffet I’d eat rice, with salsa and guac, topped with whatever veggies I could find. It was delicious and filling!

Eating plant based outside of your everyday routine can be tricky, but there are always ways to find what you need and still enjoy every minute! I got really lucky eat this particular resort, they even had a snack bar with an entirely vegan menu. If you’re looking for a vegan friendly resort, Beach Palace the place to go!

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